Big Daddy Autism - Ken Siri

An Inspiring Journey - How an Unemployed Single Dad Created a Business for Him and His Son with Autism

We are a full house during this interview with James Oliver as the co-host.
This is a candid conversation with Ken Siri, a single dad entrepreneur raising a teenage son in New York. Despite all the challenges facing him, Ken shares with us his journey and lessons he’s learned through this journey.

Ken, author, advocate, and entrepreneur, is the single father of a 16-year-old boy with autism in New York City. Ken spent 15 years on Wall Street as a healthcare analyst and is the Founder and Chairman of Consilium Global Research, a Wall Street advisory firm that helps under-followed companies achieve recognition in the investment community. The author of Cutting Edge Therapies for Autism (now in its fourth edition) and Tips for the Parents of Boys with Autism, Ken blogs for Psychology Today and is a passionate voice within the autism community speaking at autism related conferences and has been interviewed on local and nationally syndicated radio, print, and television. Ken is a board member of the Atlas Foundation for Autism and the National Autism Association NY Metro Chapter where he serves as Chair of the Programming Committee. He is also the subject of the documentary film Big Daddy Autism, currently in production.

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In This Show

  • How Ken went from an unemployed single dad to creating his business for him and his son with autism.
  • How Ken has been able to create a successful business to help him raise his son with autism.
  • How to create the supporting network as a single parent entrepreneur.
  • His advise for all parent entrepreneur.
  • The importance of persistence.
  • Hear the director and producer of the film, Big Daddy Autism, talk about the film.

About The Movie - Big Daddy Autism

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