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Internet Insider with Kavit Haria

Kavit spent the first 11 years of his life in Nigeria, and later moved to London where he studied Genetics at a University in the UK. However, Kavit ended up getting involved in business. His journey in business started when he tried to get music gigs paying his tabla. He realized the importance of knowing how to market himself and started learning what he needed to do to get his name out there.

Eventually, Kavit was able to get the attention he was looking for, and people started asking him how he was able to self-market. At that point, he figured he needed to put together some type of document that he could share with others. Kavit then created Ebooks from 2005-2009 (which was ultimately InsiderMusic) and based his Ebook’s off 3 points: 1) how to get more exposure, 2) how to sell your CD’s, 3) how to get more gig’s and if you do all those things, how to quit your day job to be a musician. In order to be successful, Kavit participated in joint venture partnerships, google advertising, writing articles for magazines, and be interviewed by other music companies

In This Show

  • How Kavit built his email list to 100K people and generating over $1 million in annual revenue.
  • Kavit’s advise to Rachel Blacker on how to grow her list.
  • How to build relationship
  • The biggest source of generating success
  • How to use the content to build authority and trust, which ultimately translate to higher sales.
  • Listen to your audience: find the best
  • How Kavit breaks down the 4 critical areas of business:
    • Lead Generation
    • Lead Capture
    • Lead Nurturing
    • Lead Conversion
  • 4 main categories of lead generation
    • Paid advertising
    • Content Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Partnership
  • The common mistakes people make in lead generation

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